4 Step-Guideline to Increase the Resale Value of Your Car

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It is surely a complicated process to sell your car and get a good amount out of it. You have to be strategic while doing that. Resale values of the car usually decrease while getting offers, but you do not have to be disheartened over it. 

Do you want to increase your car resale value? Follow these four simple measures. Then put more money down on your next car with your hard-earned money! 

4 Easy Steps to Increasing the Value of Your Car

1. Put money into simple fixes. 

Minor repairs can significantly boost your car’s resale value because used car buyers want two things: a good value and a dependable vehicle. Even a minor issue, as if a broken tail light, can lead people to believe there is something more serious going on, such as an electrical problem. Do not give them an excuse to go. Give them peace of mind right away by taking care of little issues, such as:

● Dashboard lights that are illuminated

● Windshield crack

● Windshield wipers are broken.

● The wiper fluid level is low.

● Brakes that squeak

● An oil change is long overdue.

● Small dings, scrapes, and dents

● A tire that is flat or leaking

● The automobile battery is noticeably weak.

Regardless of what you do, retain all receipts and records for any services you provide. It can help you seal the purchase faster and for more money if you can brag about fresh brake pads, tires, or windshield wipers.

2. Take care of any recalls that are still open.

As per CarFax, more than 47 million vehicles sold, bought, or sold in the United States have at least one unresolved safety recall. It is possible that your car is one of them, and you are not even aware of it!

It is free to take care of open vehicle recalls, and it can help you stand out from other persons selling used cars, particularly used car dealers. This is because there are no federal rules prohibiting dealers from selling old cars with unresolved safety issues.

Enter your VIN on SaferCar.gov to determine whether your car has any open safety recalls. Recall repairs are free and covered by the vehicle’s manufacturer, regardless of whether you purchased the vehicle new or used. 

3. Thoroughly clean it both inside and exterior.

When it comes to selling a secondhand car, first impressions are crucial. Strange odors, fast food bags, or stained upholstery should not deter a potential buyer. A little cleaning will go a long way toward increasing the resale value of your car.

At the very least, you should:

●      Wax on, wax off: With a decent wax and shine, you can revive a faded paint job.

●      Wash the floor mats: If possible, wash them to remove any stains or odors. If you are unsure about their condition, it is probably best to replace them. 

●      Clean the wheels: Remove any dirt, dust, or grime from the rims of your wheels. Apply a tire shine spray to the sidewalls of your tires.

●      Interior cleaning: Clean the fabric/leather, vacuum every nook and cranny, and clean the glass. Pay great attention to the area surrounding the driver’s seat.

4. Get your documentation ready.

A long history of regular maintenance might help you close the deal with a potential buyer and raise the total worth of your vehicle.

Make a folder of your car’s maintenance records if you do not already have one. Can’t seem to locate them? Please get in touch with your mechanic or any of the auto repair shops you have visited. There is a strong probability they have kept track of your military service.


Keep in mind that there are only a couple of things that you can do to boost the worth of your car. Make sure you get the best out of those choices.  Startautoloan.com can help you in the loan process for your automobile after you are done selling your car so that if you want more money to buy a brand new car, you can easily get help from us! 

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