Fast & Easy Way to Lower Your Car Payments

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Do you make monthly car payments? Many other Americans do as well, and most of them spend a few hundred dollars each month. According to Experian, the average monthly auto-payment on a new vehicle is $523.

You don’t have to suffer anymore if your car payment is beginning to put a strain on your monthly budget. It is feasible to lower your monthly automobile payment and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the periods of your loan. We’ll show you two options to lower your auto payments if you stick with us.

Reduce Your Monthly Car Payment By:

1.     Sell your car and buy a cheaper one 

Paying off your auto loan, selling your current car, and buying a cheaper car with a lower loan could provide you with the low monthly car payments you wish. However, this alternative can be a little more complicated, so do your homework before taking the plunge.

Calculate your monthly petrol costs, car payment, and insurance costs. Could you save money by driving a less expensive or different car?

Let’s suppose you’re driving a brand-new high-end SUV. Insurance costs are more for newer cars than for older cars. Moreover, luxurious cars have higher insurance premiums than ordinary sedans.

If you buy a cheaper, smaller, more fuel-efficient car and sell this car, you might reduce your monthly car expenses. You’ll spend less on car insurance and fuel! Your monthly auto payments will also be lower because you’ll be paying on a smaller loan.

2.     Refinance your existing car loan

Do you intend to keep your current car? Well, we don’t blame you! Your best bet for reducing your monthly car payments is to refinance your car loan.

This is how car refinancing works. Your car serves as security for a new loan that is utilized to pay off your old one. The refinanced loan is a new agreement between you and the lender, with a changed interest rate, duration, and monthly payment.

As Gerri Detweiler says, “You may be able to refinance if your vehicle isn’t too old and you don’t owe more than it’s worth.” This would be the best strategy if you got into a higher rate loan a year or two ago. 

James K., a customer of StartAutoLoan, found himself in the exact situation. By refinancing his auto loan, he saved $100 per month on his car payment. Over the course of his loan, he will save thousands of dollars. James K. says, “I was able to save over $100 every month on my auto cost.” “I went from 16.75 percent to 3.10 percent due to my lack of credit history and my age at the time.”

If you have a current loan, refinancing it can be a good idea.

·       Your credit score has improved.

·       The interest rate has decreased.

·       Your earnings have changed.

·       You’re dissatisfied with the terms of your current loan.

Try StartAutoLoans auto interest rate estimator if you’re not ready to apply for a refinance. It will show you what interest rates people with similar credit scores and zip codes have been approved for using your credit score and zip code.

3. You might save $2,000 or more in just 2 minutes.

To see if your monthly automobile payments could be reduced, apply for auto refinancing with The process requires about 2 minutes, and you’ll be matched with up to four lenders with loan offers ready to review in seconds. That’s correct! Actual loan offers from reputable lenders across the country. You need to decide how to proceed from there. Interest rates are never marked up, and you’re never forced to use one of our lender loans.

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